What is Juvederm Voluma?

Juvéderm is a hyaluronic acid (essentially a sugar based compound) which is generally found in the skin, muscles, and tendons of men and animals. Hyaluronic acids help to maintain the skin volume and hydrate the same for maintaining bodily functions. In fact, some renowned medical researchers at Columbia University named John Palmer and Karl Meyer had proven the same in 1943. Hyaluronic acid may engross 1,000 times approximately of its own weight in water, thus by accumulating extra volume below the surface of drooping skin. Hence, it is used mainly for cosmetic and plastic surgery today. Juvéderm’s foremost use is removing nasolabial folds; besides it is also used to fill the hollow places and acne scars on the face, and to plump lips. Juvederm Voluma is the more recent and long lasting injectable filler. Using this, the skin becomes smooth, and looks young and natural after the treatment.

Common Misconception about Juvederm Voluma

Juvederm can be recovered thus some people does not take it seriously and go for the treatment without even knowing the fatal consequences. For instance, a lady from Florida faced many problems after Juvederm therapy in 2012. Her face is now completely deformed after the treatment. She has blue lines and lumps all over her face because too much filler were injected in wrong areas. Even after 8 months her condition is same as earlier. too much filler placed in the wrong areas too much filler placed in the wrong areastoo much filler placed in the wrong areastoo much filler placed in the wrong areastoo much filler placed in the wrong areastoo much filler placed in the wrong areastoo much filler placed in the wrong areas too much filler placed in the wrong areas too much filler placed in the wrong areas

Juvederm screen shot from Daily Motion.

Is it 100 % safe?

Safety of the treatment depends on the sensitivity of one’s skin. Though Voluma is the only HA filler approved by FDA in 2006 but you should take some precautions to avoid irritation.

  • Don’t take aspirin or any kind of anti-inflammatory treatments at least 3 days previous to the treatment.
  • Women, who are pregnant, should not go for this treatment.
  • Patients should go for an allergy test before they can take the treatment.
  • Say no to make up when you are going for the treatment.
  • Reduce energetic workout and avoid extensive heat of the sun or heat within the 24 hours succeeding treatment.
  • You have to choose experienced injector to avoid the probable risk.

Juvederm Voluma is safe than any other HA filler and plastic surgery.  You will get perfect volume in your skin within an hour and the procedure is not painful at all. But there is a problem; you need to follow this procedure once in year so as to retain the youthful vitality of your skin.

Risks of Juvederm Voluma

Juvederm Voluma has some side effects but these effects last for only a few weeks. One may experience redness, swelling at the injected area lump, bump as the side effects of the treatment.

There are some problems you may notice after the treatment:

  • Excessive bruises on the face
  • Puffy look
  • Under-filled (you don’t look any different than before);
  • Lumps or bumps
  • The one serious complication – a blocked blood vessel (though very rare).

About 98% of patients suffer from swelling immediately after treatment but it is not permanent. Besides, there are many who suffer from lumpy skin as well. The injected area may turn blue or purple. Muscle fatigue and numbness are equally common. On the other hand, there many customers who are completely satisfied even some of them repeat the treatment.

Is Juvederm Voluma recommended?

Many dermatologists recommend going for this treatment rather than some other HA filler option; but the decision to make a selection completely depends on the customer. It is approved to be a successful form of treatment by FDA. However, after considering the case of the lady of Florida in the mind I would like to say that you should consult with your dermatologist prior to choosing any form of treatment. The cost is another factor, and we must say that Juvederm Voluma is comparatively cheaper than other HA filler. Last, but not the least; it entirely depends on your skin type as well as allergic tendency of your skin and make sure you’ve sufficient knowledge about the same prior to making a selection. Last but not the least; one should take the advice of dermatologist prior to making any move.

So, we would always suggest you to study the pros and cons well prior to going in for this form of treatment.

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